Erica GriffinAdminstrative Officer

As a Trust Administrator, Erica comes to Portland Trust because she knows that helping people and their families find financial security is incredibly rewarding. She loves being a part of supporting clients in their times of need and getting that stress off their shoulders.

After a sojourn to the Southwest, where she honed her financial services skills, Erica has come home to Maine, thrilled to be working at a client-centric firm.

Where she’d be on a hot summer day: In her kayak on the water.

Hometown: Parsonsfield, Maine

Alma Mater(s): Eastern Maine Community College

Past gigs: Fidelity, Specialized Trust Company.

Volunteer and passion projects: It’s sometimes all she can do keeping up with her three ducks – Khaki Campbell, Pekin, and Indian Runner. Sure, she eats the eggs, but the ducks also find their way into the kitchen and they demand snacks just like toddlers!

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