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Who We Are

Our founders Jim and Amelia used to be bankers. We were the office over in the corner, sometimes in another building altogether, where you’d go if you asked someone about something more than just a checking account. More than just a CD or a savings bond (remember those?). 

But we never felt like we were part of the purpose of the bank. We were the after-thought, and found the bank ultimately didn’t prioritize the customers we wanted to work with. 

So we created our own bank, Portland Trust Company, and now work exclusively on transparent and customized wealth management. We gave our customers a new home for managing their assets — managing their lives and futures — and they continue to grow with us to this day. And they sleep well at night, knowing we’ve helped them make great decisions for their families and the people they care about.

But, more importantly, we’ve helped them define and accomplish their goals: 

individuals / families

individuals / families

For individuals and families, we’ve given them clear-eyed peace of mind, control over their financial future, and made it a whole lot easier to sleep at night as they think about a lifetime of security, for themselves and the next generation.
nonprofits / municipalities

nonprofits / municipalities

For nonprofits and municipalities, we manage endowments, funds, and trusts that promise to provide for decades of opportunity while they manage debt and cash flow.


For businesses, we’ve worked with owners and executives to create customized retirement plans, and ensured they’re getting the best plans and solutions for their employees, as well.

When we talk with people for the first time,
we ask them simple questions:

1. Do you understand your investment plan and whether it will meet your needs in the future?

2. Are you fully participating in the investment returns of the market?

3. What do you want to happen next?

The friendly and accessible Portland Trust team then focuses on working with you to craft a purposeful, all-encompassing plan for whatever it is you want to accomplish.

We’re the people who help you understand the relationship between you and your money so you can stop worrying and enjoy your life. 

The Portland Trust Team

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